A major strength and attraction of our Chapter meetings is the quality of our guest speaker program. Here is a list of our past speakers and their topics. The sidebar shows speakers with publications.

11 Nov 2017

Date    Speaker    Topic
8 Mar 2014
Mary Ruth Rhodenbaugh
Comments From The Global Water Conference
13 Sep 2014
Harold Gaul
Assisting Families Who Have Lost a U.S. Veteran
11 Oct 2014
Flem Rogers
Early Firearms of America
8 Nov 2014
Laurie Kincannon
Who Were The Founding Fathers…
13 Dec 2014
Mitzi King
Protraying Carrie Nation
10 Jan 2015
Dr. Michael Rees
Father Michael (Miguel) Muldoon
7 Feb 2015
Dr. Paul N. Spellman
Old 300: Gone To Texas
14 Mar 2015
Dr. Judy Bernard
Quimper French Pottery
11 Apr 2015
Judge Robert Garrett
History of Camp Hulen, Palacios, TX
9 May 2015
Larry Stevens
Uniforms of the American Revolution
12 Sep 2015
Lora-Marie Bernard
Lower Brazos River Canals
10 Oct 2015
Mayor Laurie Kincannon
Compromise and the U.S. Constitution
14 Nov 2015
Drake Peddie
Preserving History
12 Dec 2015
Bob Arnold
First In Texas
9 Jan 2016
Ben Pfeiffer
Levi Jordan Plantation State Historic Site
6 Feb 2016
W Michael Hurley
King’s Mountain Boys
12 Mar 2016
Eileen M Benitz Wagner
The Ghost City of San Luis Island
9 Apr 2016
Cynthia Ericson
Clyde Thompson: Meanest Man in Texas
14 May 2016
Lora-Marie Bernard
Forger Monroe Edwards
10 Sep 2016
Mike Radcliff
Current Focus of the Texas Society of the SAR
8 Oct 2016
Stewart Morris, Jr.
Morris Ranch Carriage House Museum
12 Nov 2016
John Hamlin
Americanism Contests, Medals & Awards
10 Dec 2016
Thomas B Green III
Stories of George Washington
14 Jan 2017
Bryan Frazier
Brazoria County Parks
11 Feb 2017
Richard T Hudgins
Origins and Growth of Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
11 Mar 2017
Mary Northington
Violin Music from the Early 1800s
8 Apr 2017
Dortha Pekar
Re-Enactment of Dr. Sofie Herzog
13 May 2017
Yvette Benavidez Garcia
Story of Master Sargent Roy Benavidez – Medal of Honor Recipient – Vietnam
21 Oct 2017
Michael Bailey
Description of Artifacts from World War I
11 Nov 2017
Merle R. Hudgins
War Between The States Changed Texas Forever
9 Dec 2017
Winston Avera
Texian Pioneers in Historic Old Columbia Cemetery Where Texas Began
10 Feb 2018
Cynthia Wyman Jordy
Death on a Pale Horse (Hezekiah Wyman)
10 Mar 2018
Robby Roden
George Washington’s Battles Before the Revolutionary War
14 Apr 2018
Mary Barrow
Children of the American Revolution Presentation Script
12 May 2018
Thomas Jackson, President TXSSAR
Goals for the Texas Society in 2018-2019 and comments on some of our founding fathers
8 September 2018
Lora-Marie Bernard
On the Yellow Rose of Texas
13 Oct 2018
Bryan McAuley
San Felipe de Austin State Historical Site
17 November 2018
Larry Pearl
On the Cherokee
8 December 2018
David Sysma
Intellectual Roots Of the Constitution
9 February 2019
Dr. Paul N Spellman
Zadock Woods, American Patriot and Texas Colonist
9 March 2019
Robert (Bobby) Gervais
Battle of New Orleans and the Role of Jean Lafitte
13 April 2019
Jack Muggli, TXSSAR Coastal Group Registrar and Genealogy Committee Chairman
SAR Application Preparation
11 May 2019
Cheryl Dodd
Excavation of LaSalle’s Ship, the La Belle
12 October 2019
Tom Green, TXSSAR Special Committee Chairman
The Battle of Medina
9 November 2019
Wade Dillon, Artist, Illustrator, Re-Enactor
Texas History Illustrated by Wade Dillon
Barbara Smith, Director
Matagorda County Museum History and Artifacts
14 December 2019
William Loocke, Railroader
Cane Belt and Santa Fe Railroads
11 January 2020
Drake M. Peddie, President Elect, Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution
Portraying Captain Jonathan Haraden of the Privateer Ship the General Pickering
8 February 2020
Eileen M. Benitz Wagner, Author
In Search of the Acadia: A Civil War Blockade Runner
12 September 2020
Jesse O. Villarreal, Sr.
Spanish Colonial History of Texas, 1718-1783
10 October 2020
Chris Kneupper
Chronological History of the Forts Velasco
7 November 2020
Thomas I. Jackson
Remember the Ladies
12 December 2020
Dr. Gregg J. Dimmick
Sea of Mud, The Retreat of the Mexican Army After San Jacinto, An Archeological Investigation
13 March 2021
Bill Adriance
8 May 2021
Melissa Hayes
Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research
11 Sep 2021
James Reagan Clements
Life of a Kentucky Frontiersman